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kingissy asked:

I've always wondered: would furries have animal breath or human breath? Because i think animal breath would be a huge turn off for me. Opinions?

Well one of the huge reasons behind animal breath being the way it is, is lack of dental hygiene just like our own breath gets a bit stale when we don’t brush our teeth for a while and rinse our mouths out with mouth-wash, so I could imagine that their breath would be hopefully quite pleasant


Anonymous asked:

Uh, hey, my name's Boo and I just wanted to say that you're really awesome.. Honestly. I know you must get a lot of hate, but you don't deserve that shit and honestly those people are absolutely horrible and should be ashamed of themselves. Frankly, when people say they love their followers and all that, I believe it, but I feel like you mean it more than anybody. I just wanted to say thanks cause you make me feel pretty special *hugs* ~Spookyanon :3

we get by with what we have, and that would be all of you guys c: you and all of your support :D -Neko

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